Adding a Library to LibAgent

If a library you're registered to does not appear in the fill-in forms of LibAgent, we can help you by supporting it. This stage requires some work on our side, and some helpful hints given by you. It may take us some time to support a new library, but we promise to do it as soon as we can.

Note: We're talking about adding a library that is not yet supported to LibAgent. If you've registered to one library, and you would like to "add" a library to your account, read this.

We assume this is an ALEPH library you're talking about. ALEPH libraries are all on-line and have similar, though not identical, interfaces. What we need from you is the main web page for accessing the library catalog.

If there is no web page, we will need the ALEPH library code. This is a three-letter code such as "TEC", "JMS", or "HAI". If you have the code, you can switch to the main page of your library from the main page of any other library with the "LB" command. For instance, typing "LB TEC" will get you to the Technion central library even if you do it from an ALEPH terminal in a library in Jerusalem. Of course, it will also work from your workstation if you telnet to ALEPH , so there's no need to go all the way to your library just for that. If you don't know your library code (and you probably don't), try typing just "LB", then enter. Scan the menus until you find your library.

We'll also need your user ID. It will help if you give us IDs of other users in that library, so we can test the functionality. At least one user should have books in his or her account, and at least one user should have a book (or books) ordered. Without these, we can't verify our program works OK.

We will also need a contact address in the library. This could be the email or phone-number of someone with the title "library director", "systems librarian", "Aleph System Coordinator", "coordinator", or similar. We will record that address and will contact it in case there are technical problems regarding our access to the library.

We would also appreciate loans-related contact information for the library. If they have a web-site, send us the URL. If the circulation desk has a pnone number, let us know. If they provide loan services via e-mail, send us the address. These details will be sent along with error messages to users of this library, so they have a way to contact a librarian and fix the problem.

We will be in contact with you in the testing phase, until the library is fully supported. During this phase will use input from you, so we need your e-mail address, unless it's included in your request.

It's now time to [mail] mail us and ask for the installation of your library. Don't forget these crucial details:

Good luck!