About LibAgent


What is LibAgent

What is LibAgent, and what is it good for?
So I never have to use the official library web site again?
I have more than one library card. What do I do?
Which libraries are supported?

How to use the service

Do I get a mail message every day?
If I don't get a daily message, how do I know the thing is working at all?
How do I join, then?
LibAgent says someone wants a book I have on a permanent loan/until the end of semester. What should I do?
Can I cancel an order of a book?
I changed my email address! Please update your records!
What about books that have a limit on the number of renewals?
What is Renew Horizon for "gentle renewal"?
I got a message to return a book in 6.958 days? What's up with you guys?
What does it mean to 'send notifications about serious conditions'?
What does it mean to 'send notifications about standard conditions'?
What does it mean to 'send notifications about ordered books that arrived'?
What does it mean to 'warn me about my books which others ordered?'
What does "ID in the library web site" mean?
What does "Password to log in to the library web site" mean?
What does 'Repeat notification every day for ordered books' mean?
What does 'DISABLE all renewals' mean?
What does 'SMS gateway' mean?
What does 'phone number for SMS' mean?
What does 'SMS service on hold' mean?
What does 'send SMS repeats' mean?
What does 'alert me daily if renewal could not be performed' mean?
What does 'I can read email in Hebrew' mean?
What does 'I want to receive libagent news and announcements' mean?

About the site

Are you people from the library?
This is great! How come I never knew of this service before?
What will you do with my email address and personal details?
What does it cost me?
The site's design looks bad!
Can I send my question to you in Hebrew?
Can I get the source of your software? Can you install it on my site?
How do I join the mailing list?
What's the difference between checking the "LibNewsAgent" option in the sign-up form and subscribing to the mailing list?
What hardware are you using?
Who are the creators?